ISSUE using Deeplink URL within the Mendix application to show the PDF in browser tab - Page is turning BLANK ( On Both Desktop and Phone )

Hi I have setup Deeplink Module in my Mendix Application and i am trying to use the Deeplink URL(associated to PDF document) within the Mendix application which on click will lead to a URL redirector and open the PDF in the browser. FLOW OF the PAGES in my Mendix application: Also attached all the screenshots below for reference Page 1→ Page 2 ( page 2 has the Deeplink URL Link ) → which on click leads to page with URL redirector ie → Page 3 ISSUE 1 :  On Page 2 , when i click on the LINK button which is tied to Deeplink URL , it flashes Page 3 for microsecond and and overrides it with Blank white page and opens the PDF in new tab in the browser . Now we need to go to the previous tab which is blank page  , and we need to explicitly click on the back button of the browser which then takes us back to the Page 1. Instead , it should have taken us back to the Page 2 through which we clicked the deeplink URL.  ISSUE 2: Also the white blank page which is coming whenever we are clicking on Deeplink, I need to get rid of it. I only want that the PDF should open in the another browser and the previous tab should make the same page which contains link buttons ie Page 2.   Screenshots of the code : PAGE 1 : On the Keyword Search click , it leads to Page 2 Page 2: On click of ‘Name ‘ – it opens the PDF in new tab and this current tab becomes blank white page.       NAME-Link Button Page 3:   URL REDIRECTOR: Containing the LINK URL attribute ( which already has the deeplink URL stored in it corresponding to the selected PDF   DEEPLINK Configuration setup and  MICROFLOW:   Microflow: DeeplinkURLGenerate Screenshots of the Application  :PHONE BROWSER LOOK PAGE 1 PAGE 2 ON CLICK ON PAGE 2→ Below attached behaviour happens.   Can anyone please advise how to get rid of both the issues. Issue 1 is more important for me to fix than 2 ?      
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The URL Redirector is on a blank page that is then requesting the document, which is another new page.

You could consider changing the logic here and maybe using something like a Clickable Container on your second page and use that to open the PDF. That would take out the page with the redirector on, which should give you the way back to page 2 you need.

As for opening in a new tab, I could be wrong, but I think that is down to how your browser is configured to handle PDF documents.

Hope this helps