Published REST services swagger

Hello there. I am working on an app (API) for another organization to be able to pull data from our systems. I have some API endpoints already defined and have passed them over to the other IT group for testing however I received today an email that there was errors in the swagger. Digging into the swagger, I found that there are some other errors in addition to the ones brought to my attention however, the endpoints work and return what is expected. All of the documentation that I have found only shows how to create endpoints that work but does not relate it to what the swagger comes out looking like. Any ideas how to resolve these errors: Using a message definition and an export mapping , the swagger that is generated is showing that there is an XML as an additional property of the response schema but does not show that XML is even a response content type when testing the endpoints through the generated swagger. This is causing validation errors (the queries still work fine but when given the swagger to our organization partner, it gives them errors when they ingest it, potentially with some sort of automated tools). I have looked into the ‘produce’ attribute that should exist in some endpoint definitions through documentation and it looks like it does not exist however is a required field by our organizational partner. Is there a way to get that attribute to be displayed? Additionally, the ‘consumes’ attribute is missing and even though  I am going to go through my swagger and make sure that everything is as it should be since this needs to be done basically last week but is there something that I can do to make sure that these fields?   Thanks
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