Time Displaying 3 minutes ahead

I have an integration that is pulling in a time value from another database. Once in Mendix the string value of the time looks correct, but when using the dateTime value it is displaying 3 minutes ahead in my local environment in the Data Grid (12:30 is displaying at 12:33). I know I can use the addMinutes function to subtract 3 minutes, but the odd thing is, in our test environment it is displaying 1 minute early (12:30 is displaying as 12:29). Displaying the string value won’t work because I only need the time.  I’m using studio version 7.23.19 Has anyone worked through this already? 
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Are the clocks on all the computers in sync? The clocks being out of sync seem the most likely cause.

How are you getting the data across? Are you running any conversions?