Parse Issue

Hi Team , I am working on an application where the data coming from REST service used to save inside the entity object directly .  -1. Rest request failed: [HTTP Request: POST '' --> Response status: -1 CONNECTION FAILED, ETag: null, body: 'java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to parse '[{“data1”:”123”, “data2”: “2345”}]' into 'Integration.ResultData'']   Can anyone help what can be the issue here .
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Your api consumption does receive data and then maps that data into entities, but fails. My advise is to create some unittests for your mapping. Feed '[{“data1”:”123”, “data2”: “2345”}]’ into the mapping and see what happens.

Unittesting importmapping is very, very helpful in the ever present discussions between publishing party and the consuming party (you) to find out who made some change and breached the contract.