Can i open my deep link in dev app instead of make it native

Hi All, I have created a deeplink something like and then on clicking in it we changed the redirect url to makeitnative://itemdetails/18295873486197645 and it was opening in the makeitnative app correctly and  respective page. This was working fine on dev environment. Now few of the modules like AWS chime and other functionalities gets added in dev environment and unfortunately make it native doesn’t supports that so it crashes. We have created a dev build with the modules which are recently added build name: dev-xyz.apk and currently use it like make it native. But now can you tell me what should be the redirect url so that it should open the deeplink in dev-xyz.apk app
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Hi Swapnil,

You will need to configure an app/scheme url before you can open a custom developer app. The following docs explain this quite well: