JWT with REST Service

Hi Team ,  I am working on an application where i have to exposed data via REST call . Client want the authorization of Service with a token for which i have used JWT .  Now i am able to generate a token via JWT but not sure how can i used it in REST Call. I have read some comment and found that i have to use Custom authorization in Publish Rest call .    Can some help me what is the end to end process ? I mean in the microflow in Custom authorization what flow should i create ?  
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When you select custom authentication in your service, you can select the microflow you will be using and you can define the parameters that will be passed, the access token in your case. 


In your microflow you need to decode and validate the JWT token and then return a System.User object if the access token is valid. If it is not valid you return an empty user entity and if I am not mistaken the service will then return a 401.