Version 9.0.4 incompatible with Email with Template module

I can’t seem to configure the Email with Template module for my application due to incompatibility with my current version. I keep getting an error that I need to open it first in a lower version but I cannot open my app in a lower version. Anyone know how I can work around this?
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Hi Julie,

         If you have created project in higher version , you cannot open that in lower version. So create a new project in lower version and try to implement your requirement. Thanks


What you need to do is create a new project in a Mendix 8 version. Then import the email module and then export that module again. You now have a mpk file. Then import that file in your Mx 9 project. Due to being a beta version you can not directly import this module yet.

You can not open your project  in a lower Mendix version.