Consuming a Topic - Kafka

Good Afternoon! Our application consumes and publishes messages to Kafka on a pretty regular/heavy basis.  Initially, we were throwing an error that our topic name was not found – we figured that bit out and have moved on to a series of warnings/errors that look like this: TRACE org.apache.kafka.clients.consumer.internals.Fetcher - [Consumer clientId=consumer-consumerName, groupId=groupID] Skipping fetch for partition streams-TopicName because previous request to (id: 5 rack: null) has not been processed I tried to modify that to remove client information^ – generic placeholders are bolded.  Last important thing – we are in version 8.18.3/there was not an option for that when creating the question.  Really trying to figure out if this is something we could be causing from Mendix’s end, or if this is a Kafka config that needs to be revisited. Thank you! Marie
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