Published REST service and Body parameter (as string)

Hi, I'm creating a simple published REST service. I have an operation that expects a JSON string in the body. My thought was to set the parameter type to Body, Type to string and the mf-parameter as a string. But when you use the body param, it always needs an import mapping (except when it is a file). Why an import mapping when you want to get the body as a string? My workaround (or is it the way to go?) is: Set the type to object and the mf-parameter to a filedocument entity. So the JSON will come in to the microflow as a file, and then I get the content of the file with “String from file”. Seems to complex for a fairly simple action. Wouldn't it be easier when selecting a string as the type, that it just passes the body content (so no mapping required)?  
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Add a parameter of type System.HttpRequest to your microflow. You can find the content to the request there.