Alternatives to Thingspeak

Hi all,   I know that this question is not really a question to post in Mendix, however I would like to have some advice to this as I am new to these stuff.  Currently, I am using Thingspeak and I have succeeded sending as well as receiving data from thingspeak. There is a slight problem though— the duration of sending data to thingspeak is 20seconds ( for free accounts) and there is a delay when receiving data in thingspeak as well. This problem could easily be solved if we were to buy a license for thingspeak. However, we wish to have an alternative to thingspeak that is free as well as the duration is much faster as compared to thingspeak before planning to buy thingspeak license. May I have some recommendations on this please as there are a lot of IOT platforms out there and I am not sure if Mendix is able to communicate with them. I would prefer to have some recommendations that has a REST api URL link that is like thingspeak as I am using Call Rest activity to communicate with thingspeak and I would like to continue to use the same Call Rest activity. 
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It’s not a REST solution, but I’ve had success with the MQTT module.

My IoT device sends a MQTT message, and my Mendix app subscribes to receive these messages. This works in near real time, so could solve your 20 second issue.

As I was writing my own code on the microcontroller, it was easy for me to link it all together. If you don’t control the code on your microcontroller / IoT device, then this may not be an option.

Good luck!