Reverse Proxy in Mendix

Dear Experts,   We are currently working on a project which connect to the on premise back end. Any guide how to setup the reverse proxy to Mendix cloud in the free app? since we need to make a PoC(proof of concept) first.   Or with the paid node, is there any user guide or best practices from Mendix?   Thanks and Regards, Hari
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Reverse Proxy can perform with nginx or apache. It mean we need a web application layer (nginx or apache) reverse proxy to mendix application. If you use mendix cloud, you should have a mendix cloud node (not a free one), cause we need to add ssl certificate to make a handshake between web layer to mendix app layer.


Another choice is to deploy mendix into AWS EC2, and from that EC2 you can install nginx reverse proxy to mendix application. It also mean to combine web layer and mendix app layer into one EC2, not a best practice one, but easier for PoC


We’ve had a client that used certificates to allow incoming calls to their network from third parties. We installed their certificate into our local Mendix development environments and paid nodes (we didn’t use the free tier so not sure if it’s available there), and we were able to call their services.

I’m not sure how it worked behind the scenes on their side, but I believe they reversed proxied from their DMZ.

Hope this helps.