POST REST Call with dynamic data

Since my application has to allow dynamic data (user input) to be sent instead of hardcoded data, I wonder what it should look like. What I need to do: I have to allow the data that the user enters in the input fields to be entered into the request body (Call REST POST activtiy) to be sent in another application (with hardcoded data already done) What I tried: On the 'Pre_HomePage' page I entered a Data view with the attributes (input fields) of the given table 'NaturalPersonData'. By clicking on the 'Save' button I called the microflow 'store_NaturalPersonData' in which I committed the 'NaturalPersonData' object. Next I tried in the 'main' microflow (where Call REST (POST) activity is), to retrieve the data from the database (which I think I successfully committed), and then I tried to enter that data in the Create Object activity (but this is not possible because the micrflow expression is of type list, not string). I appreciate any help!
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It is returning a list because you have selected ‘All’ instead of ‘First’ at the Range option. All can possibly return multiple object (aka a list). If you change it to’First’ then you can use $NaturalPersonData/FullName (if FullName is the attribute that the user fills in, I can’t tell from the screenshot).


As the name suggests: All will return all objects in the database of type NaturalPersonData, you can use a XPath Constraint to narrow down the search.