Excel Export question

Hi,   I am currently using this link to try out Excel export: https://docs.mendix.com/howto/integration/using-the-excel-exporter. However, when I reach the part to “Call the Excel Export Module via Microflow” part, “Output Document’ and “Input object” do not show $PolicyDoc at all and I am not sure where are my mistakes.   Could someone please guide me where did I go wrong please? I would really appreciate it if anyone could guide me or send an example project that has excel export for me to analyze and understand how it actually works.
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Hi Andy,

Are you using the same example as in the documentation? If no, then please elaborate your use case a little more.

If yes, then may be you are missing an input parameter(PolicyDoc) in the microflow. You should be having an object of PolicyDoc on the page where you are calling the microflow from. Just add the input parameter in your microflow or retrieve one and you are good to go.


Hi Shreyash,


Yes I am currently using the same example to be more familiarized with this feature before implementing it to my actual project. I feel so embarrassed after seeing your answer as I did not see properly. I am very sorry but I faced another problem..

For the second microflow they created, it states that “you will need to create another microflow which is added to the navigation.” Hence, I added a new navigation and call this microflow but it does not show anything when I clicked on it. And I am not sure what to do with these 2 microflows. 


I am really sorry for bothering you with such simple questions but I am actually getting lost with this. I would love to explore this feature and hope that you will be patient enough to guide me through. 

By the way, may I know if it is possible to export to excel sheet automatically please? For example, Mendix will automatically generate a new excel file every 2 weeks to store as backup and allow users to download the file anytime they want? I am not sure if this is doable in Mendix free cloud but I thought it would be cool to do this without manually creating the excel file.