Unable to upload App to Github repository

Hi Team, We are using Github for version control, when I am trying to upload the project to my git repository it is giving below error message, how to fix this issue ? When we are trying to import a project and add it to a git repo it is giving below error message,   And how do I add github as version control in an existing app, it is giving below message,       Thanks In Advance
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If you’re trying to move the project from subversion to git, you’ll need to follow the steps here: https://docs.mendix.com/howto/collaboration-requirements-management/on-premises-git-howto#4-7-moving-a-subversion-app-to-git

In order to follow these steps, you will first need an empty GitHub repository to upload your application to. You will also need to create a personal access token to use in place of your password.

Do note however, that as of writing this the git feature is still in beta, and there are still some bugs with using git for version control in Mendix.


Hi Ashar,
Now you have a Git app on your server, you can download it to another directory or one of your team members can download it on their machine
refer this :
hope this works!!