Retrieving images from cloud database like Firebase

Hi,   I am a complete beginner at this so I hope that everyone is able to understand what I am going to ask. I have this project where we have to make use of this hardware called FPGA (Zybo), and we have to upload images to a cloud database such as firebase. After uploading images to firebase, I am required to retrieve the image from the cloud database. How do I go about this? Are there any easier free database to use instead of firebase?  All the tutorials in youtube only talks about android studio, which I am also not familiar with it as well.   I am still deciding if this method is more efficient or if getting the images directly from FPGA is easier. I have published an API to produce a swagger UI for FPGA to  communicate with Mendix. However, both the hardware team and I are facing difficulties ( as we are both single students doing the project. I am in charge of Mendix and another student is doing the hardware part).  After publishing an API in Mendix, I am still trying to create a microflow for the images but I am facing several errors and I would like to try out myself first before asking for help.   I would really appreciate it if someone have an example project for both scenarios for me to refer. I will also appreciate any kind of help too! I am struggling with this issue. 
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Hi Andy,

You should consume a rest service and not Publish a rest service in mendix. There is Api documentation for Fire base in gogole. 

You can have a look at this link :

You should put a rest call in a microflow and use Suitable rest mehtod to retrieve the image. For Rest End point you canrefere to the  link  above.

Hope it helps!


Hi Dinesh,


I have tried to read the link you kindly provided me. I am currently trying to understand how firebase works as well as reading information from firebase in Mendix. I would like to try to retrieve other types of data (not images) first before proceeding to retrieving image. However, it is currently not that successful as of now.



I have this test database. What I did was I exported the JSON in fireabase. On Mendix side, I created a non-persistable entity with attributes “blah(string)” and “test(string)”. I copied from the JSON file and paste into the “JSON Structure” in Mendix, created an import mapping and map it automatically. 



This is my microflow to retrieve data from firebase. However, this is not working and it does not show anything in my web. I had a similar configuration when retrieving data from an IOT platform called thingspeak which works but for some reason it dosent work for firebase. 


When I looked at firebase Monitor Rules, it says that it has 21 total allow connection, 0 denies, 0 errors. When I looked at the usage, it says that it has 85.1KB of downloads. May I know whats the issue and how do I solve this please? I will really appreciate if you could guide me.