Is there a way to pass my UUID from Mendix into Google Tag Manager?

Basically, I'm trying to pass the UUID we created for users into the data layer for Google Tag Manager so that we can use it in another service’s .identify() call we're running. I added a line into this HTML snippet where I'm passing the data layer event for page change. But I can't seem to call the right variable or figure out the right syntax to call the UUID. We're using UserID in Google Tag Manager, and I can get it to show me it's identifying whatever I stick where it currently says %CurrentUser% in the console. But I can't seem to get it to load the actual UUID from Mendix from its user attribute. Any advice is greatly appreciated
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In case it helps anyone else, we solved this with a microflow timer that fires 500ms after the homepage of the application loads. The microflow timer calls a nanoflow with the datalayer push. And that nanoflow relies on another microflow that does a lookup to get the UUID from the account database and creates a variable string with the new account UUID.