How to create Import Mapping for a array of n number of Ids

Hi Team, I'm creating an API to get the details related to multiple Ids. Since the input data would be huge we have created a POST endpoint to handle the incoming data in JSON body object. The request was intended to look like this : {     "Ids": [         "1",         "2",         "3"     ] } here Ids can be in a range between 1 and n. But the import mapping is not able to handle such structure. Eventually I ended up creating an incoming request like this. Here my input mapping is a list of Ids. In this was I can map every element to the request. [     {         "Id": "1"     },     {         "Id": "2"     },     {         "Id": "2"     } ] The main drawback of this approach would be the huge amount of data which would be sent across the network due to extra attribute for each Id. Can you suggest a better approach so that the request JSON would look less bulky like intended. {     "Ids": [         "1",         "2",         "3"     ] }
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Here is the Sample JSON struct


here is the Sample mapping when creating:

Here are the entities that created automatically. Note that Wrapper Entity, do not change it’s name


Here is the microflow to read get the data. in the microflow, I created a simple api which returns

it returns a list, which you could use in in list view