Cloud Foundry HA: Sticky browser sessions

It seems the Gorouter in CF does a round-robin for requests. We have a case where we request a file be generated via microflow, and then the download instruction for that file get’s sent to the next instance in the cluster resulting in a 404 error. The Mendix Buildpack documentation only gives info on sticky sessions for Mendix6, mentions there is no need for that from 7 onward, but doesn’t give more info on how to set up HA/sticky browser sessions for V8/9. We’re running latest V8 always in CF (Tanzu), 8.18.6 (option not in forum dropdown atm) Question: Should we customize for this kind of behaviour, or should it be part of the default behaviour in CF? (Should we set PersistentSessions/ENABLE_STICKY_SESSIONS, or how do we enable JSESSIONIDs? for V8+)   Thanks in advance
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Okay, figured this out.

Just name your Session cookie JSESSIONID and your session is sticky.

MXRUNTIME_com_mendix_core_SessionIdCookieName: JSESSIONID