How to show charts in Mendix based on SAP oData service?

Hi Team, I’m pretty new to Mendix. Just startedd with it and was able to successfully retrieve data from SAP oData service and deploy app to SAP Cloud Platform and view application. Now we have a requirement that we need to show charts based on data retrieved from SAP oData service. Could you please suggest the approach I should take to achieve? I had gone through the documentation of charts, but couldn’t quite understand how to achieve it. The charts could use Database/ Microflow/ REST as data source.  I tried different approaches with Microflow & REST but couldn’t make it work. Please suggest any approaches.   Thanks, Bhavya
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Hi Bhavyasri,

                    You mentioned like “ No arguments are available to 'listView1'. Property 'Data source microflow' of list view 'listView1”.” This is because, in your listview, you gave the data source as microflow. But you have added the input parameter to that data source microflow. But, on your page, you don’t pass any input object to that microflow through the data view. That’s why It throws this error. To fix this issue, I will share some screenshots for your reference. I hope, it will help you.

Step1: Create one data view and set data source type as context ( For example, ChartHelper – NP entity ) or create a microflow with create object activity and should return that object of the non-persistable entity (ChartHelper – NP entity ).


Step 2: Place the  Column chart widget inside the data view. For column chart microflow, create one input parameter type of ChartHelper entity. 




Step 3:

           This will fix this issue. Non-persistable entities are not stored in the database, which will remove automatically, once the user session ends.


Thanks and regards,

Vijayabharathi V


Hi Bhavya,

You should be able to use a microflow to retrieve the appropriate list of data from the non-persistent entity generated by the oData service connector for SAP and then you can use this microflow as a source for your chart data.



Set your X and Y axis attributes in the third tab ‘Data points’


H Steve,


Thanks for your quick response!

I tried to configure as suggested, but getting “Microflow should have one parameter of type ….” error after configuring the Microflow as datasource.

Here are the configs I have done. Could you please verify once and let me know what I’m still missing..