Fully functional gmail integration

So, my team has been building this app where families can help their elderly family members through reminders, link sharing, photograph sharing, and messaging. One function my team is interested in is full ability to use g-mail in-app. i.e.  Inbox, Drafts, Send/Receive email, Delete/Archive emails, Outbox, Mark as spam, Categorize emails, Notifications. I am aware of one pre-existing method that involves downloading three additional modules and adding a page for sending emails, but that’s not really enough. Does anyone have experience in G-mail integration, is there any method to make something like this work? Cheers
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You’d need to look at integrating with Google’s Gmail API. This appears to be REST based, so should Mendix should have no trouble talking to it using the built in “Call REST Service” action, with the appropriate Import and Export mappings.


Good luck!