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Hi, I am having  Two applications and using the rest API   to connect those two. On First  Application I inside 10 records and is showing on the 2nd application by using GET, now I update in 2nd  application and I need to show this updated record in 1 application by use (patch method ), but I am unable send these . this case how can I use Patch request from 2nd App and what will be the Microflow logic to do so?   Can anyone guide me or have any tips?   I am using 9.3.0 
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You want to sync your data between app1 and app2. Is there a golden source?

If you open your entity in your domain model, you can check the system members like ‘createdDate’ and ‘changedDate’. You can use those attributes to know which record is new or updated.

In your microflow you can do a retrieve from database and than set a XPath contraint to receive all records created/updated last 24 hours for example. Use an export mapping to map your data to the structure for your PATCH endpoint.