To export kml or kmz file from google map

Hi, I’m using google map custom marker widget to show the list of location in the map. Now I need to export this marked locations as kml file from mendix and need to send this file to user. How to export kml file from mendix like this below image, below image I get from google browser, this same functionality i need to implement in mendix. Does anyone have experience with this and have implemented it already?
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Hi, I have quite some experience with Google Maps as creator of the widget you use. I don’t think the Google Maps API supports this out of the box. KML is just XML so my suggestion would be:

  1. Based on the KML, create an export mapping
  2. Create a microflow triggered via a button
  3. In this microflow get all markers from your database and use this mapping to create an XML file with all needed marker information
  4. Download this file with the ‘Download File’ activitity