How to store search result set

Hi Experts, In Data Grid after searching I will get the result set and I want to store the same result set by giving specific name. When I am trying to search the same result set again , instead I can directly get the same result set from by selecting the same name. How can I achieve this ? Thanks in Advance.  
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So you kind of want to save a ‘report’  or ‘report search settings’. You could:

1. Create a custom search functionality. For this you need an entity that holds the search fields as attributes. Create a microflow or datasource microflow that executes your search. You can give this entity a name and let the user save it. If the user reopens this entity you can execute the search again with the same filters.

2. If you are only interested in the result and the result is fixed you can create an ‘report’ entity with a name and associate the result entities to this report entity. If the user opens the report entity you can show the associated result objects.

3. You can use data grid 2.0 if you use Mx 9, it has a feature to store the current configuration in an attribute:|

4. Same as number 3 goes for the datatables widget: