Secrete key is not getting stored in Google Authenticators Check validation code Activity

Hi all, I am working in application where in one stage it needs to do 2 Factor authentication. I am working on Mendix 8.18.7 version have imported the GooogleAuthenticator module and also did the basic configuration like setting up the page to get account details and generate the QR code which after scanning through the Authenticator app from my mobile, I am able to get the 6 digit code when I enter that key ito my running application it is showing me Invalid code. I am also providing screenshots for your reference, hope that will help you for better understanding. In the above screenshot I am putting the code which is generated by the Authenticator app from mobile. when I hit Login it showing me Invalid code as above when I look into the microflow logic that is ACT_2FA_CheckCode  the Check validation code activity does not getting any Inputs I don’t know why? please let me know whether I am going wrong or missing any step. Thank you in advance.
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