FlatFileInterface in not working as expected

Hello all,  We migrated an existing mendix application from 5.19.0 to 7.23.5 and is undergoing testing. We load few files using flatfileinterface module. All the files with delimitede file type have been imported and tested with no issues, however, the file with fixedlength type has shown weird results. We have defined an event handler to validate the new entity being created when the fixedlength file is being imported. Lets say, I am testing the import of the fixedlength file with 10K lines in it, I expect to see a log while debugging for each of them, but it doesn’t unfortunately do it. Every time I load the same file, it only reads and creates few entities. I am unable to see a clear pattern to figure out the issue at hand. Has anyone faced a similar issue? I went through the release documentation for 7.23.5 and did not find any issues with flatfileinterface as such.   Update  I have figured out the root cause for the issue and the possible solution that I am facing with upgrading Mendix application from 5.19.0 to 7.23.5 Background We have a FlatFileInterface that imports one of the product files we get from external sources. There can be about 450-500K rows on it in total. Each row corresponds to an entity and we have a BeforeCommit Event Handler to validate the Entity being created. Root cause The BeforeCommit(BCO) event handler microflow is executed per batch and not per each record (entity). So, if one of the records read is redundant according to the validation and microflow returns false, then the whole of 1000 (batchsize) records wouldn’t get created. This is a change in behaviour from 5.19.0 to 7.23.5 as on the old versioned application we don’t see any issue with the same microflow and the mendix documentation on the release helped make it clear. Proposed Fix I have set the batchsize to be 1, to ensure the BCO event handler validates per record read and ignores creation of redundant entities as expected. But even after making the change as suggested, the BCO event handler is not processing couple of rows in a file. I can share the file with anyone if that helps you figure out the issue or if anyone could suggest the way forward to fixing this? Is there a newer version of Mendix which has addressed this issue?  
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Any error message in the log that is created that you can share?

Or maybe you can share the file with me and I can have a test on this (should be able to find what is wrong as I developed the module)

Just let me know, you can reach me through my profile via the contact me option (please provide your mail address in that case to speed up communications)