Next JSON import issue

Nested json is not importing value. I have the below JSON structure that is returned from rest service. The import mapping is reading only top level object. Please anybody help me how I read ParsedResults object data. I have tried many combination in import mapping but none is working.    {     "ParsedResults": [         {             "TextOverlay": {                 "Lines": [],                 "HasOverlay": false,                 "Message": "No overlay requested."             },             "TextOrientation": "0",             "FileParseExitCode": 1,             "ParsedText": "N DUBAI 97315",             "ErrorMessage": "",             "ErrorDetails": ""         }     ],     "OCRExitCode": 1,     "IsErroredOnProcessing": false,     "ProcessingTimeInMilliseconds": "359" }
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An import mapping only returns the top level object to your flow, but that object does have associations to the other objects. So after the import-activity in your flow, you can add a retrieve-action ‘over association’ to get the ‘ParsedResults’.