Adding Users(Present in Azure Active Directory) to Mendix Account Overview Page

Hello All, I have a Mendix Application in which SSO is Enabled using SAML. I have “Account Overview” Page in my Mendix App,  Now I want to add Users and Assign User Roles to Them.  The Main point is there are hundreds of Users, and these User Information is Present in the Azure Active Directory. How will I add these Users Present in Active Directory into my Mendix Account OverView Page and Assign User Roles to Them ?? It’s Not possible to Add a User using Button “New Local User” present in Account Overview Page, as the Users are present in Active Directory.   Thanks Dherendra
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You need not create any user and you need not assign user roles. In your setup it is Azure’s job and you only need to configure SSO to also receive assertions that tell you the role of the user and you then can implement CustomUserProvisioning to append that userrole to the user. See The userroles known in Azure should be known in your app as well.