Sync Data of Active directory or login with LDAP/AD users in Mendix9+ versions Project

  I have to create one project that can login using AD authentication or Sync users of “Active Directory” in Project and host it on internal IIS server. I got one “LDAP Synchronization Module” on Mendix Marketplace. But its not working on 9+ version. Is it any way OR link so I can do AD authentication login in Mendix9+ versions project.
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If you’re using Azure AD, you can access and sync users using the Microsoft Graph API. This API provides an endpoint that you can hit to fetch users, then you can integrate them in your app the same way you would integrate data from any other web service using Call REST activities, import mappings, and microflow logic.


As PM for IAM, I’d like to clarify that we’re aiming to get a platform supported version of the LDAP module released in Q4 ‘22.
This version will support Mx9 onwards.


Some of the Mendix modules are outdated. Luckily it seems that Mendix will put more effort on this in the near future.


How to update this module to Mendix 9:

  1. Create a temporary project in Mendix 8.12
  2. Import the community commons, encryption and LDAP modules
  3. Close the project
  4. Open the project in Mendix 9.
  5. Change the Java actions (495)

DecryptString decrypter = new DecryptString(context, encryptedPass, 
          encryption.proxies.constants.Constants.getEncryptionPrefix(), ""); (46)

       Result result = ImportUserRecord.runImportGroupsByGroup(LdapServer); (44)

       Result result = ImportUserRecord.runImportGroups(LdapServer);


Export the module and import it in your project.