Accessing pages of one mendix app from another

Experts, I have a requirement to access pages of one Mendix app from another Mendix app like below. App1, App2, App3 are using sso and when they login to app1, the home pages should be displayed like below. Pages displayed on APP2, APP3 are specific to the requirement and they are not home pages of these apps. How can we achieve this?  
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iframes if you really want to so the exact pages as given in App2 and App3. The pages in APP2 and APP3, give them a value in page-property ‘url’, say ‘forApp1’ and then should be approachable via <APP2’s url>/p/forApp1.

But preferable, of possible, would be to api-call App2 and APP3, only receive the data, and create the page in APP1