Deeplink module - get entity id in url.

Hi members, I installed and configured the Deeplink module. As an entity I have Request. I created a microflow (which I find in the configuration) with a show page action to the Request-page. As a parameter I get my Request object. What am I missing to create an url such as http://localhost:8080/link/Request/1 with 1 the id of my request? Thanks in advance! Kind regards
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If you want to link to an entity by ID, you could just create a page that takes the Request entity as a parameter for a Data View, and use the Page URL functionality, without resorting to Deeplink.

If you want to go the Deeplink route, then you can use the Object Attribute to specify which attribute in your entity is the unique ID. You may need to create this if you don’t have one already. You can use an AutoNumber attribute, or use Community Commons to create a GUID using the Random Hash action to do this.

Hope this helps.


Hey Robert, one more question.

How do I get the GUID as a placeholder in my email template?