SAML url redirect issues

Hi, I’m configuring SAML for my PWA. I got my SP and idP configurations all set up and working but i’m having trouble with the pages which you get redirected to when authenticating. I’m using a custom domain instead of the one. I’m having two issues: - When clicking my custom login button to go to the protocol URL, i get redirected to This returns an error message, while redirects me to the correct authn page. How can I change this to redirect me to the correct url? - I’ve set up my SSO using my custom domain as SP. Whenever I go to my protocol URL i get redirected to instead. As i’ve also copied my index.html, after loging in with SSO I get redirected to As I use one static URL for my whole web app I would like to get redirected to my custom domain URL. How can I change this behaviour so that users will always get redirected to my custom domain?   Thanks    
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You need to set the custom runtime setting ApplicationRootUrl. See the faq here: