Using SAML module with Salesforce as Idp

I am trying to get users of my Mendix app to sign in with SSO with their salesforce credentials. Here is what I have done: set up Salesforce as an Identity Provider and downloaded the metadata created a Salesforce connected app, enable SAML, choose Federation Id as the subject type, select IDP certificate as default set up a federation Id for a user in salesforce and created a similar field in the “account” entity in Mendix to store the same id configured the Mendix SAML module using the meta data from salesforce IDP. When choosing an attribute to map the user I chose “Use Name ID” and map it to the newly created “federationId” field. Config is toogled on added the SAML start up to Mendix start up action make sure all the scheduled events on “on” for Mendix SAML module   Here is what happens when I try to sign in with salesforce:  - If I don’t have a salesforce session open, I get redirected to salesforce login page. That’s good. - once I submit my credentials I get redirected to my mendix login page. No error message - in the Mendix logs it says “SAMLRequest: null” ; “SAMLResponse: null” ; and finally “No supported IdP discovered, using first from metadata” - for some reason in the SAML config page, there is no log registered.  - in the SAML config page, I can see the SAML request and download it though - in salesforce logs, it shows “success”   Has anybody set this up successfully? Or encountered similar issues with another IDP?  thanks !   
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Did you ever resolve this issue? We have intermittent SAML issues here and the logs are showing the same thing you had:


- SAMLRequest: null
- SAMLResponse: null
- No supported IdP discovered, using first from metadata