DateTime mapping conversion during a REST call

Hello Experts, Im getting a mapping issue while running that Rest Get call (OData). The Response of the get is handled using Import Mapping.  The target entity field LastChangeDat eTime is of type DateTime and the same in the JSON structure and also the Import_Mapping. However I get the following error when I run the REST call. I have noticed that sometimes it goes through, but sometimes it fails with the below error ( strange problem) .  A problem occurred parsing attribute 'LastChangeDateTime' of object of type 'ServiceManagement.ServiceRequest'. The value was '/Date(1638543636032)/'. This isn't allowed by the schema. Note: The error is happening even before the conversion microservice used in the mapping is called Appreciate if someone can provide any assistance or trick to handle this issue. Rai
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1638543636032 is a unix timestamp of today. So that value seems correct. Was this a future date at the time you received it?

Do have a look at the Date-values of other, accepted correct responses. Do they differ?

Also, what does the schema look like?