How do I make a website that I created using into a mendix application?

I created a website and I would like to convert it to a Mendix app. is this possible and if it is how do I do it?
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Yes, but depends fully on the features the website.

A few things to take into consideration

1. License costs

2. SEO. Mx app won't appear in Google by default.

3. What would be the upside of Mx app vs a website?


Awardspace is the hosting-part of your application. I guess, like most of their users, you created your website in WordPress. How to convert that to a Mendix app: refactoring. Meaning that basically you will have to build it in Mendix from scratch. There is no shortcut or app or conversion app available.

To be able to rebuild your app in Mendix, you will need some experience with Mendix.