Azure AD with mendix 9.5.0

Hello, I am getting below error while i click on save button of SP configuration of SAML v3.5.1  
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You probably have duplicate jar files in your userlib. You have to remove the duplicates, clean your deployment directory and rerun your application.

Some more info from the SAML releasenote:

“Library Upgrades:
- org.apache.santuario:xmlsec to version 2.2.3
- org.apache.velocity:velocity-1.7 to org.apache.velocity:velocity-engine-core version 2.3
After upgrading to the latest version, there could be a potential issue due to conflicting Java libraries of the old and the new version. Hence it is recommended that you delete all Java libraries used by the old SAML module from the userlib folder of the project before upgrading to the latest version. “

Hope this helps.

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Hi Bob Boons,

I have  deleted files velocity-1.7.jar ,velocity-1.7.RequiredLib  and xmlsec-1.5.6.jar, xmlsec-1.5.6.RequiredLib

and then cleaned the deployment folder (in the Modeler > Project > Clean Deployment Directory) 

and run my app but still the error exists.
Can you please guide which duplicate file i have to delete and clean deployment directory.