Mendix with On-Premise authentication for SSO

Hello, Hope everyone doing good and safe. I am totally new to SSO module. Kindly excuse me if the question seems silly. I am not sure how to start with On-premise SSO authentication. I see in my organization on search i see only Active directory search. Now, please guide me how to test my login based on my on-premise authentication ? Any other suggestions are most welcome. Should i be using SAML or LDAP ? Our organization is very big and have people over 10000. Is it good idea to use LDAP ?   Thank you very much, Varun
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There is a module called SAML2.0 that we use for some of our apps.  You need something like ADFS on prem that you can use to create a link between the app and AD.

Have a look at that to see if it helps.