Tealium utag.view() method is breaking Mendix mxui scripts

We are trying to implement Tealium into our application. However when I follow the documentation for Tealium, we are seeing errors thrown on our login page when the user clicks the button after Tealium’s utag.view() method is executed.   This is the console after clicking submit:   The mxui scripts are hard to dig through so not even sure where to start.   For the Tealium implementation we do include jQuery as a separate scripts as Tealium needs it for the utag methods.   I realize this isn’t a lot of info to go on, but any insight on how I could troubleshoot this would be helpful.
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As you’ve not included how you are adding Tealium to the page, I am going to guess it’s in an HTMLSnippet?

What could be happening is if you are using an HTMLSnippet, each time the page loads you try to include Tealium, but it would have already been loaded from a previous page, hence the multipleDefine errors.

If this sounds right, then you need to load the main Tealium JavaScript once, and the best place to do that is to add it to your index.html. You can then call the view method from the HTMLSnippet to register the page view.

It’s just a guess, but I hope it helps.