User creation through API

Hey, I’m looking into the API for user management in mendix. I would like to create or update users in my mendix app based on an data in an external system. My userinfo in mendix is stored in an entity “ AppUser” which is linked to Administration.Account. The API docs ( do not specify how I can perform CRUD actions on this entity for a specific user. Where can I find extra info on this topic or is there another way to interpret the documentation i am using?   Thanks    
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Hey Eson,

If I read the documentation correctly, the API seems to be for the Mendix users (the username password you use to login to your Mendix developer portal) and Mx platform. So if you want to expose the data or update this data related to Mendix users then the User Management API should be used I guess.

If you want to be able to perform CRUD operations for your specific entity in Mendix, I think you need to create your own APIs.

Take a look at the following if you need reference:

Hope this helps!