Getting data from a MindSphere Mendix application

I have created and registered a very simple Mendix application in MindSphere. I have exposed some of data and I am trying to call the endpoint using postman to return some JSON, but it is not working. Has anyone had a similar problem before? EDIT: On some further inspection, instead of querying the application that's hosted in mindsphere, you can actually query the application hosted in the Mendix sandbox as the data has been created there. Does this mean that the database itself isn’t hosted within MindSphere?
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I was able to work with MindSphere without any issues. 
Maybe following resources can help you to figure out the problem. Here is one about getting the data

Here is a sample application on the Marketplace which I also used as a foundation to build my own app

As a side note, please check about the security and access settings. Are you including the MindSphere access token in HTTP headers of the request from postman? I did not use postman, but in Mendix I had to provide some access token to be able to get data


Having spoke to a developer (and having a poke around myself) Mendix-based applications cannot be opened up to external calls. They can consume endpoints within MindSphere, but cannot allow themselves to be consumed by something such as postman (or external applications).