Payment Integration

Hi    Good morning  need help on Payment Integration for web application using Mendix   I have already gone through learning path and documents related payment Integration but still not getting any idea  please help me how to implemented Payment    Integration in Mendix web application 
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In the end, a payment integration is just like any other integration.

You do have your app and an other endpoint which need to talk to each other.

The question each time is; which language do they speak with each other, what are the prerequisites and what is the process of communication between these 2.

So if you want to have a payment integration

  1. determine which payment provider will be used; you as developer can advise, it up to finance/business to decide. As you cannot just decide to use Stripe, when the company doesn't have a contract with that payment provider.
  2. Go to the MarketPlace to check if there is already a module for this payment provider available
    1. If there is; download, RTFM and implement
    2. If not: Go to payment provider API documentation, RTFM and implement


If you want to know how to integrate in Mendix then start with this learning path:  


There is 2 free payment integration module is available in the mendix marketplace. You can use these modules for payment integration