Published OData V4 Service - Metadata cannot be parsed

Hi Mendix community,   I’ve been trying to use the new OData v4 published services in my Mendix apps, but I keep running into issues when trying to access these services with other applications.  In general, the services seem fine according to the eye test: when I open it in my browser, it all looks OK, the auth works, and I can look through the data. But when I, for example, try to open the OData service in Excel, I get an error with the metadata: OData: The feed's metadata document appears to be invalid.    The same occurs when I try to connect a Mendix Odata v4 service to the SAP Analytics Cloud. I have tried it with two different apps and OData services, and while I can create the connection (the credentials and connection test seem to be OK), it also has an issue with the metadata: An error occurred while parsing service metadata: OData Services Correlation ID: 22581262-8827-4232-b468-930062894064   Does anyone have any similar experiences, and where you able to solve this issue? Is Mendix doing something weird with the metadata, or is it more likely that Excel and the SAC are not following OData guidelines?   Regarding Mendix Version, my tests were run with Apps built with MX 9.6.9 running on SAP BTP.
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