Validate JSON data model before applying Import Mapping

Hello, I’m working on a new published REST service and I would like to perform validation checks before executing the Import Mapping. I’m having trouble locating this functionality. It seems like the Import Mapping is applied before any Microflow. Is that correct?   Thanks! Ryan
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Is it a published REST service?  If so, you can accept an http request as a parameter for the microflow.  Doing so, you can then get the Content of the request and use an Import with Mapping activity in your microflow.  If you define error handling on this mapping activity, you’ll be able to see if the content imports successfully.

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Ok. I have it working the way I’d like, but I’m not sure it’s correct. It breaks the Swagger integration with the way I have it now.

In order to get Swagger to work correctly, i have to specify a body parameter. If I use a body parameter, any bad data will throw a 500 from the server instead of the expected 400.

I can add screenshots if that would make the example easier to understand.