API Gateway datahub vs direct

I have a service app “Service UI” that requires integration with many business systems and hardware devices through rest or web service. Please can anybody suggest a better design approach to do the integration?  I am thinking of the following. is there a better alternative.. any strong disadvantage if I go with option 2. Use datahub and register all integration related APIs Create a separate Mendix app that integrates with all rest/web service API and then expose them as REST for my “Service UI” app to consume Use of AWS Gateway  Directly consume all rest API in “Service UI”   Appreciate your help. Thank you. 
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I think the question is: will these API's be consumed by other Mendix apps in the companies landscape?

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Because setting up a separated integration app, datahub or AWS is to heavy for single app use.

In case of multiple apps in a Mendix app landscape, datahub is worth looking into. AWS or own integration app could be a consideration, but will probably create more overhead then Datahub.