Response of consumed REST Service is not completely visible

Dear experts, I am consuming a REST Service which is created in Java. The response I am getting after hitting this service is not complete. In Postman, for the same request I am getting complete response. Response I am getting is like ‘{\"msg\":\"Success\",\"code\":200,\"data\":[{\"appid\":null,\"bidAuthorized\":null,\"bidAuthorizedID\":null,\"bidFileName\":null,\"cSTime\":null,\"cTime\":\"2021-09-26 14:24:30\",\"c_state\":0,\"clentSealId\":null,\"Approval\":\"50066\",\"commer...’ .   Instead of getting 3 dots at the end, I want to see the complete response. Can someone please help me out with the solution
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If you want to see this in your logs, set the “REST Consume” lognode to “TRACE”. This will log the full request and response made by your “Call REST” action.

Hope this helps.