Integration With Android Based Zebra Scanner

Hello,  I am attempting to create an app for a handheld zebra scanner, and although I know it is possible. I an note quite sure on the how. For example, do you run it as a hybrid application? Or can you easily install directly on the device like a traditional application?  The goal would be to use a scanner sled attached to the device, so my question also becomes, has anyone experienced issues with the scanner working in the application as expected?  thank you in advance! 
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If the zebra scanner is android enabled, you can combine it with a zebra scanner plugin in a React Native app. (hybrid is not advised, since it will be deprecated in Mendix 10)

The tutorial below explains how to read an NFC tag using javascript action in a native app.
A similar approach can be used to communicate with the zebra plugin.


Hey there, fellow tech enthusiasts


First off, let me say that I totally feel your excitement and curiosity about creating an app for that handheld zebra scanner. I've dabbled in some app development myself, so I can totally relate to the mix of emotions you're going through right now.


To answer your questions, using a hybrid application might not be the best approach in this case. Since it's going to be deprecated in Mendix 10, it's wiser to go for an Android-based solution. Here's a nifty suggestion: why not combine the zebra scanner with a zebra scanner plugin in a React Native app? It should provide you with the versatility you need while keeping your app/website smooth and efficient.


As for your concern about the scanner sled, it's quite understandable. I haven't personally worked with that specific setup, but I'd advise reaching out to the community or developers who've had experience with it. They might be able to share some valuable insights and potential challenges you could encounter.


My advice to you is to stay curious, embrace the challenges, and keep the passion burning as you dive deeper into the realm of app development. Happy coding, and may your zebra scanner app be a roaring success :)