Intergrating Mendix with outlook

Hello everyone I am currently working on an application in which appointments have to be made. I'll explain it briefly: There are 3 user roles. - A doctor. - A Team Supporter. - A customer The team supporter must create an appointment and link that appointment to a doctor and a customer. The doctor and the customer can reschedule or reject the appointment. Of course, this also includes the availability of the doctor and, for example, the leave. And that the team supporter can send messages to the doctor and the customer. We now have all this working. We only want to make sure that the appointments that are scheduled from Mendix are also visible in the Outlook of the doctor. Does anyone know how we can achieve this and how this works. I would like to hear from you. Greetings Emre
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Are these office 365 account?
Then you can integrate with office365 via the graph connector. 
The appstore module below contains some boilerplate micorflows for authentation and calling the rest graph api.

Furthermore the outlook calender section in the graph explorer contains sample rest call for making an appointment.