python in mendix env

Hi everyone, I plan to develop an application that would need to to run some backend analysis, e.g. using nltk python packages. Would it be possible to run python directly on a Mendix platform? Currently I was considering: Creating some api interface with Mendix and actually run the code in separate environment (with rest api connection to Mendix, so far I only saw this kind of solutions). Create a Mendix module in java that imports python modules (no restAPIs are required, but not sure if all python packages can be installed ) Only use java and import the nltk java libraries using java. … Something else Does anyone has experience with this or could provide an advice? Thank you in advance, Andreas    
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It's possible. I guess the cleanest option would be to expose the Python logic/action over a REST interface and consume it with a REST action inside a microflow.

But you can also use Jython to run Python code inside a Custom Java action, which you can also use inside a microflow