Can we update a particular object data without open your app in mendix?

I will send an email to user, that email has a button like activate(like mentioned in below). When user click the button Mendix object will have to be changed without open Mendix app in should happen only backend process. This is like when we post a request through postman by using REST API that particular microflow will be triggered, right? without opening an app in browser. How can we achieve this? If it is  possible ,please elaborate answer...
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Sure it is. You first need to create and publish a service in your app that does activate your object. (So, not using /link but /rest)

That makes it possible to call the service using Postman, or Soap, or curl.
Then: how to add this to an email. I am not sure, but I think you can add the curl-command in the mail.

For security: Make sure you add credentials, a time-slot and other security measurements.

Btw. due to phising, everybody is very reluctant to click on any link in an email.



I don't think it is possible without opening the browser completely. What would be the best option is to make a deeplink which is accessible to anonymous users, so your user does not have to log in. Let the microflow do the process you need and just provide a feedback message to the end user, like: ‘Thanks for activating your account!’. I think this will achieve what your looking for.

Hope this helps!