Deeplink not following on after logging in

Hi all, We have a public facing application where annon users can submit a Claim form. They land at the start of the form and we have other user roles like SU/Admins that can access behind the scenes configuration. What I am trying to achive is to create a deeplink that will be passed in an email when an annon user creates a Claim, with a link to the Claims attachments.  I have a new deeplink that takes the param of a temp reference number. I have 3 role-based home pages for Guest/Admin and SUs (Annon accounts are set to Guest user role under security/Anon users The role-based home pages all call a microflow, NAV_GoToHome, the first activity in this is to call Deeplink.DeepLinkHome   When I go to the URL, it hits this microflow, finds a pending a link and I can see it hits my custom Deeplink microflow DL_ViewClaimDetails and retrieves the correct Claim. I am then re-directed to the Login page because users need to be logged in to see this page. After logging in, it does NOT follow on to the correct page and I land at the Admin home page. If I paste the link again, it will then take me to the correct page and triggers my DL_ microflow.   My Deeplink has Allow anon users ticked Use as home page ticked Include GET Params ticked Separate GET params ticked Alt index page set to index.html   My custom DL_ microflow the roles Admin/Guest selected. Guest/SU have access to the Deeplink module as the Guest userole, Admin has Admin access.   Deeplink.IndexPage constant is set to index.html Deeplink.LoginLocation constant not 100% sure what this is meant to be set to. The documentation makes it sound like this should end with a ‘=’ so that the Deeplink link gets appended to the url.   Debugging it I can see an anon user lands on the login page with one session ID, I login as an Admin and I am given a new session ID. This is why the pending deeplink microflow does not return anything because the session ID has since changed and it no longer finds it. But it does find it when I call it after logging in, which makes sense. I am not sure what I am missing in this setup that is causing this not to work as intended and have scoured the forums and from what I can tell, the setup is correct, maybe the login location is wrong but the different options I have tried have not worked. These different options being variations of login?=, login.html?, login.html?f=true&cont=, login?f=true&cont= true etc..etc..
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Can you remove role Based home page for Admin and in your Default Home Page call the DeepLink.DeepLinkHome microflow and if the Boolean returns false, navigate to your Respective home page. 

Hope this helps!!