Request a restore of a snapshot to an Environment FAILED

Hi all, I created a snapshot with succes of a specific environment I'm trying to restore the created snapshot to an environment of the same ProjectID as above. But I get the following error: {         "errorMessage": "Source snapshot not found.",         "errorCode": "NOT_FOUND" } In the Mendix documentation the query parameters are: source_snapshot_id (String): Identifier of the snapshot which will be restored. This value is required and must belong to a snapshot within the same application, although it could be a different environment. db_only (Boolean): Boolean flag. Set this to true if you are doing a database only restore operation. It defaults to false if not present.  Now I created an Export mapping with these values and filled them as followed: - source_snapshot_id  = snapshot_id of the created snapshot - db_only = false   The headers are: Content-Type: 'application/json’ Mendix_Username: Mendix-ApiKey: *******     Maybe I am not doing this right, but the documentation in mendix ( looks like it is incomplete. I miss the body. The endpoint I am using:{1}/environments/{2}/restores 1= ProjectID 2= EnvironmentID   Every Mendix Sprintr api is implemented, but this one is geving me an headache…. I hope I am doing something stupid, so it can be fixed quickly :) Please help :-)
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As I suspected. Did not read correctly….

The endpoint was longer than i thought...
I missed this part: /restores?source_snapshot_id={3}

3 = snapshot_id


It works like a charm!